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For a lengthy time I've been an avid seamstress, and can usually be located spending my time designing and generating my personal skirts. With style queens like Gok Wan encouraging us to make the most of what we've with our garments and utilizing accessories and add-ons to customise them, plus the horrible credit crunch limiting the level of cash we can devote on clothing, it is actually no wonder that other people are obtaining in on the act of creating their very own clothing! More and more individuals are attending dressmaking classes and there has been a huge upturn in the sales of sewing machines. We can appear person and do it at a cheaper cost!

 My new obsession using the sewing machine is handbags! I never know why I hadn't thought about generating handbags previous to now, but now that I've began I don't seem to be able to quit! I have been making all sorts of bags for each single unique kind of occasion you could think of!


 Creating a straightforward bag is easy, and when you finally have mastered that you could move on to producing them additional elaborate shapes and sizes too as making them a lot more decorative. To create a simple bag, right here would be the things you will need to have:


 An old item of clothes that you simply consider will translate into a good handbag ?trousers are likely to be most effective as they are of a stronger material than blouses and so forth, but you may usually line it to create it stronger. And keep in mind, that while it's entertaining to produce your personal handbag; and also you can if you wish buy new materials; it really is far better for the bank balance plus the environment to recycle! You'll also require a pair of scissors, thread, fabric pins, iron, ruler, fabric pencil, and a sewing machine (you can hand sew, but sewing having a machine tends to make every little thing neater and tighter).


 Setup the sewing machine placing inside the thread spool and reel inside a colour as close as it is possible to get to your fabric. Or as an option you can use a fully various colour of thread to the material, to make it stand out. Iron your fabric and determine around the size of bag you would like, and make a template out of paper - 9 inches x 12 inches is really a good size for any straightforward tote bag. Fold over and pin the fabric correct sides with each other and pin your template to it. Draw about the template (on the fabric), then take away the template and re-pin the fabric. Do that for your lining fabric in case you are using it. If you are finished cutting it is best to have two key pieces of fabric and two lining pieces. Maintain the appropriate sides pinned with each other and sew along the sides and bottom, leaving the top rated open. Sew the lining in the exact same way. Determine around the length and width on the handles and add on 2 inches towards the length and 0.five inch towards the width to enable for seams and sewing onto the bag. Cut out either 2 or four pieces of fabric for the handles (according to if you'd like them lined). Pin the deal with pieces together and sew along the extended lines only, turn them proper side out and iron them. Fold more than the top rated lining with the key bag a quarter of an inch, turning it towards you along with the bag, and pin in spot. Position the handles in amongst the lining as well as the primary piece of material and pin them in place, then sew them up! Basic as that!



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